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We help make the cloud yours.

We’re your go-to innovation team, working with you to maximize what your cloud can do.

About DoiT International

It starts here.

You have the cloud and we have your back. For nearly a decade, we’ve been helping businesses build and scale cloud solutions with our world-class cloud engineering support.

About DoiT
What we do

Let the transformation begin.

We help our customers with technical support and consulting on building and operating complex large-scale distributed systems, developing better machine learning models and setting up big data solutions using Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.
Practice Areas

Machine Learning

Our extensive experience, cutting edge technology and passion for machine learning will help get your ML project off the ground successfully.


DoiT International and Kubernetes go way back. By working with CNCF, we helped build Kubernetes to make it an ideal platform for next-gen applications. So yes, I guess you could say we’re close.

Big Data on AWS

DoiT International delivers an integrated suite of services that provide everything needed to quickly and easily build and manage a data lake for analytics on Amazon AWS.

Choosing between XGBoost or TensorFlow

Both get the job done – but how do you know which one makes the most sense for you? You might even need both.

DoiT Blog


Roy Cohen, CTO

"We have to process, aggregate, and explore petabytes of data to provide insight for our customers. With limited resources in a competitive industry, this is very challenging. We had to think outside the box, so we looked at Google Cloud and DoiT International.”

Orit Yaron, VP of Cloud Platform

"With Cloud Dataproc, we implemented autoscaling which enabled us to increase or reduce the clusters easily depending on the size of the project. On top of that, we also used preemptible nodes for parts of the clusters, which helped us with efficiency of costs.”

Nadav Steiner, Infrastructure Team Lead

"We love to be at the edge of technology, so when we had the opportunity to integrate the Google game telemetry architecture into our ecosystem, we jumped at it. With Google, our analytics cost us about a quarter of what we were paying before.”

Sergei Koren, Production Architect

“DoiT International delivered a roadmap for Kubernetes. So we knew what to expect, and when, and, almost every week for the past year, we have had workshops with their team to discuss features and implementation.”

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Multi-Cloud ML with Kubeflow

Kubeflow project aims to make it easy for everyone to develop, deploy, and manage composable, multi-cloud, and scalable machine learning on Kubernetes. You can run Kubeflow anywhere where you can deploy Kubernetes.