Company Overview

What makes us special?

We are one of the leading cloud solution providers in our region. As a trusted advisors, we help our customers to adopt the right technologies, implement change management and have amazingly reliable support.

Powered by the most powerful cloud technologies available today on the market, we help companies to success with the tools they can trust. 

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Apps for Work
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Zendesk Customer Service
  • CloudLock CASB & Cloud Cybersecurity Platform
  • BetterCloud Insights and Management for Cloud Office
  • Backupify Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Global Reach

By operating multiple offices located in United States, Israel, and Greece we are providing global reach for our customers. Our team of Amazon Certified Architects, Google Developer Experts and Success Managers are making sure our customers get the best help. 

100% CLOUD

We believe in cloud. That means we are allocating all our time and passion to deliver cloud solutions to hundreds of our customers. By focusing on delivering cloud solutions, we earn experience and expertise which is hard to find in other places.

founded by developers

Developers are the indispensable soul of any software. We believe that being able to alter and tailor made software for our customers gives them better solutions rather than "off-the-shelf" tools. We have the power to change.


You can rely on each and every one of the members of our team. As a professional services company people are our biggest asset and we take onboard the best of the best only.