AllJobs improves recruitment rate with
Google Search Appliance

The GSA has fundamentally changed our business and capabilities. Its use is a core part of how we work and it has put us firmly ahead of our competitors, allowing us to provide the most advanced search technology in the recruitment industry.
— Bonnie Grossman, CTO

The recruiting managers at AllJobs are in charge of locating the relevant candidates for each job description they have in their database at any given time. Among other assignments they are also in charge of the personal interviews with the candidates and to connect them with the HR department in the potential workplace.

Prior to deploying Google Search Appliance, recruiters spent considerable time and efforts on searching the relevant CV’s. They were facing with many challenges while searching the relevant candidates for a particular job since every search query was taking few minutes and making the process extremely time consuming. In fact, the most desirable candidates are “being hunted” by many recruitment agencies and a quick response of the AllJob’s recruiting team is critical in such cases to ensure successful hire.

Every search query for a job profile contains many parameters and running complex queries on a 500,000 job seekers database can sometimes take several minutes. In many cases, the member of the recruitment team needs to revise the query and ran it again - waiting again for a  few more minutes. Time spent on running search queries adds up to considerable amount time per day for each recruiter.  In addition, there could be a problem with mistypes thus the recruiter can get unwanted results and not even be aware of it. The recruiters use to spend a huge portion of  their time searching the reason for not having the most accurate results.

In addition, in the Hebrew language, a female CV is written different than a male CV (unlike in English job profiles are always written in a masculine gender). In that specific case,  the recruiter need to run different queries for male & female or to edit the query and therefore more complex and exhausting.

Finally, after getting all the relevant candidates for the specific job description, the recruiter can’t filter the search results by specific categories or criterias (for example by ‘cities’ of the job seeker or ‘salary expectations’) and by that to refine the results and to exclude the most relevant candidates.

This particular situation can make the search process more complicated. The recruiter need to pass every record or changing again the query and wait  for few more minutes each time.  Additional challenge is to locate CV’s by synonyms. In many cases, identical job positions are described in different words and it’s very challenging for the recruiter to find all relevant matches.

Google Search Appliance for AllJobs

“Since we deployed Google Search Appliance, teaming with DoIT International - Google Authorized Search Partner,  we saved lots of time spent on searching and matching CV’s to job profiles and we’ve managed to save manpower costs. The ability to manage synonyms helps us in a great way we couldn’t imagine, there are lots of job descriptions that have different titles, but actually looking for the same candidate with the same CV’s and descriptions. In the past we have not been able to locate the best  matches- now we can manage synonyms list which contribute greatly to our process.

The Auto-Complete functionality saves us time of typing and preventing typos. We get excellent search results in less than a second.

It’s important to mention that every search returns hundreds of results and with the functionality of refinements by using Dynamic Navigation, the search experience is much better. It helps the recruiters to navigate in the results in most efficient way.


AllJobs is the biggest recruiting company in Israel which receive thousands of CV’s every day from job seekers and receives hundreds job profiles from employers every day.

One of the biggest missions of AllJobs is to collect job offers and make them available for all job seekers and to be the most efficient and the most convenient platform for job seekers and employers so they can find each other. AllJobs established in 1995 and over 200 employees.