State of business prior to engagement
AnyClip evaluates the user's lifetime attributes from thousands of different data points. AnyClip senses and categorizes webpages and uses this information for carefully selecting impactful video ads customized for the target audience. 

Problem statement
Reliably collecting, processing, transforming and analyzing large amounts of user's profile information could be quite challenging task, especially for smaller companies. Issues such as high volume of data (terabytes of new data every day), reliability of data and flexibility in processing could be big obstacles achieving these goals.  

Technical solution
By utilizing AWS EMR as well as Amazon Redshift, AnyClip can now effortlessly process millions of user's profiles every day and provide precisely targeted videos. Using AWS Elastic MapReduce, AnyClip processes billions of row data and runs machine learning algorithms to build perfectly accurate user profiles.

Data Analysts are using Tableau Software with AWS Redshift to work on new models as well as analyze performance of current models and potentially optimize them. 


AnyClip is a leading provider of data-driven video ad solutions that engage viewers through personalized premium content.

The combination of premium content and data-driven personalization results in considerably higher ad performance and engagement, creating significant return on investment for advertisers, publishers, and content owners.