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AWS Public Support Statement

DoiT International is proud to be an Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS
AWS Support Statement

Data at Scale

DoiT International is proud to be an Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS.

From requirements analysis through architecture design and implementation, DoiT International has been working with AWS services to help customers take full advantage of AWS cloud.

With features such as improved performance, scalability, database storage and availability, content delivery, among others, to scale and grow are limitless.

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Our AWS Services

Data Lakes and Analytics on AWS

We will help you to design and build AWS-powered data lakes that can handle the scale, agility, and flexibility required to combine different types of data and analytics approaches to gain deeper insights.

Gaming Analytics Pipeline on AWS

Given the dominance of the free to play model and in-app purchases offered in the gaming industry, games have become more of a service than a product. In-game analytics is critical to engage and monetize users.

Machine Learning on AWS

We can help you to choose from pre-trained AI services for computer vision, language, recommendations, and forecasting; Amazon SageMaker to quickly build, train and deploy machine learning models at scale.

Real-Time Analytics with Amazon Kinesis

Almost everyone uses streaming data to gain real-time insight into customer activity and immediate business trends. Streaming data, which is generated continuously from thousands of data sources.

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