Following excellent post by David Mytton on "Need for speed: Testing the networking performance of the top 4 cloud providers" published by GigaOM, I was fairly surprised by the performance of Google Compute Engine's network. So, I decided to give it another run ;-)

Here are the results that David got using iperf tool:

Knowing that Google operates one of the fastest network in the world I was pretty surprised by relatively low network bandwidth between servers on the same zone (i.e. us-central-1a to us-central-1a). So, I decided to give it a test using the same tool and methodology as David did but to run several tests simultaneously using iperf's -P switch. 

Here is my result for inter-zone network bandwidth:

Here is another intra-zone test between two different zones us-central-1a and us-central-1b:

I was so excited that I also ran few tests between us-central-1a and europe-west1-b as well:

And finally, the last test between us-central-1a and asia-east1-a:

It's clear that a single thread of iperf cannot utilize the full potential of Google's network which is very close to theoretical limit of 10GigE and off course the speed of light :-)

AuthorVadim Solovey