If you ever asked yourself questions like 'How much data do I have in BigQuery?' or 'Which datasets hold the most data in my project' or maybe even 'What tables are largest within my dataset', you're probably a lot like me ;-)

Inspired by Linux's 'du', I created a small service which does exactly what 'du' does for folders but only for Google BigQuery's projects, datasets and tables. BQdu will scan your project/s and display a treemap visualization of your project, datasets and tables.

You can mouse-over each tile and get a nice tooltip with information about the entity you're pointing to. Tiles are sized according to their relative size compared to the dataset (and datasets to projects). 

Want to give it a try? Access it here: http://bqdu.info Off course, it's still work in progress. Things may not work as intended (or at all!). Think you've found an issue or have idea how to improve the bqdu.info - please let me know. 

AuthorVadim Solovey
Categoriescloud, homepage