I am sure that everyone who tried to setup GADS more than a few times wish there were a simpler way to configure the XML config file. This is the output file generated by GADS user interface when you finish to fill in dozens and dozens of input fields..

One of the most tedious parts is the Profile Sync. Profile Sync is being used when you want to synchronize various details of user account such as phone number, office address location, manager's name and more from your LDAP of choice (like Microsoft Active Directory) to Google Contact's Profiles.


The problem start when the tool is asking you to map the numerous Active Directory fields to Google Profiles fields. There are many fields and documentation offers no help, so you're on your own to discover them.

The most common way to reverse-engineer those attributes is via ADSI Edit plug-in found on Windows Server machines. However, looking time after time for those attribute names is time-consuming (and the attribute names themselves aren't that memorizable so you can simply remember them) and that's how I came to this post. 

Here is the complete mapping of Profile Sync to ease your setup of GADS. 

Primary Email: mail
Job Title: title
Company Name: company
Department: department
Office Location: division
Employee ID: employeeID
Websites: url
Notes: info
Work Phone Number: telephoneNumber
Home Phone Number: homePhone
Fax Number: facsimileTelephoneNumber
Mobile Phone Number: mobile
Assistant Number: otherTelephone
Street Address: streetAddress
P.O.Box: postOfficeBox
City: l (L in lower-case)
State/Province: st
ZIP/Postal Code: postalCode
Country/Region: c

Please note that the those attribute names referes to Microsoft Active Directory only and other LDAP servers might use slightly different scheme. 

I wish GADS have a simpler and easier setup, including built-in templates for most popular LDAP servers such as MS AD. Until then, you're welcome to use this cheat-list.
AuthorVadim Solovey