Countless articles were written about Steve Jobs during several last days since he passed away. For me, Steve was and remains special because of 3 main reasons:

1. Personal Expertise
He belong to this rare kind of people who have both extensive technical background and great sales skills. Steve was able to demonstrate each and every Apple's product. Try to ask Steve Ballmer or Sam Palmisano to demonstrate few products that their companies produce. While I didn't try, I suspect it will not be a hit.

2. Personal involvement
Steve was personally involved in development of all Apple's products. While this can be a real headache for product managers and other people at Apple, to my belief this is the only way to achieve great results. Without personal involvement, without a passion it's impossible to motivate other people in your team.

3. Bringing Great People onboard
Most managers believe that their team members should be at their quality level or less. Steve believed that A players have to bring A+ players and that what makes a good manager a great one. 
AuthorVadim Solovey