Few days ago I ran into fascinating article by Tony Redmond in the Windows IT Pro Maganize. Tony is HP's veteran and Microsoft MVP for Exchange Server and his opinion matters for a bit or two..

In his article, Tony compares Google Apps SLA with Microsoft Office 365 SLA and here is the quote:

"Gmail isn’t perfect and it has its ups and downs too. The disappearing inbox syndrome suffered by some 20,000 users on 28 February 2011 (a software update was later blamed) is an example of where Google has run into choppy waters. However, you can’t argue that Google has set the pace for SLA delivery for cloud email and application suite services and that Office 365 has work to do to get close to Google’s record."

Here are few more quotes:

"In terms of 2011 performance, in a September 27 article about their new status dashboard for Google Apps, Google state that they achieved an SLA of 99.99% for Gmail in the first six months of the year, or about five minutes downtime per month. I assume that this is measured against their new SLA calculation including scheduled downtime so this is really a terrific performance."

"Comparable data for Microsoft is unavailable, though their service notifications show 113 incidents in 2010: 74 unplanned outages, and 33 days with planned downtime."

You can find a full article here.
AuthorVadim Solovey