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Avoid FluxCD for GitOps

Discover why Flux should be avoided for pull-based GitOps. A better option is push-based GitOps using a CICD pipeline — but the best option is ArgoCD.

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How DNS relates to email flow

The Domain Name System (DNS) directs users from a domain address to the IP address of servers the domain uses. Discover more about it and the record types it contains, including MX, SPF, DKIM, DMARC and NS.

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Forward vs. Reverse Engineering

DevOps and software development would benefit from a new way of looking at provisioning and configuring systems by viewing common terminology in a new light. We look at forward-only and reverse engineering.

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Let the Computer Enforce It For You

As a programming newbie, you’re often told to comment on your code as much as possible. But it’s not long before you read an article telling you to do otherwise. Confused? This article will give you a clear picture of when to comment and when to avoid it.

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