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24 metrics logo 500 x 500
How 24metrics uses machine learning to stop ad fraud before it happens

How 24metrics uses machine learning to stop ad fraud before it happens.

ppc samurai logo 512x300 1
PPC Samurai: Driving effective search campaigns automation on Google Cloud

PPC Samurai: Driving effective search campaigns automation on Google Cloud

ETC: Transforming roadway tolling systems with cloud-based infrastructure
ETC: Transforming roadway tolling systems with cloud-based infrastructure

ETC uses Google Cloud application modernization tools with the help of DoiT to provide innovative tolling and smart mobility solutions nationwide.

current logo
Current: Banking underserved consumers with digital financial services

Current uses Google Cloud solutions with the help of partner DoiT International to deliver best-in-class experiences to people who traditionally have been overlooked by banks.

cb4 logobw
How CB4 made a massive leap in machine learning performance with a streamlined data pipeline

How CB4 made a massive leap in machine learning performance with a streamlined data pipeline

Phenix Logo Color
Phenix: Delivering synchronous, real-time video streaming at global scale with powerful cloud services

Phenix delivers a powerful self-healing, real-time video streaming platform that scales automatically using Google Cloud services, supported by DoiT’s team of Solutions Architects and powerful tools like the Cloud Management Platform.

Arabesque AI: Delivering autonomous investing at scale through data, machine learning, and AI

With Google Cloud, we could minimize infrastructure management while simultaneously maximizing our scalability.

Minute Media Logo
Minute Media boosts video capacity by 90% with AWS

Minute Media turned to AWS Advanced Consulting Partner DoiT International for help keeping the streams flowing for its licensees and on its own digital media properties.

Lightricks Horz Logo
Lightricks Tranforms Analytics with AWS and DoiT International

Working with DoiT using Amazon Web Services (AWS), award-winning app developer Lightricks has rolled out a new analytics infrastructure.

Solera Holdings Logo
How Solera Holdings halved costs and automated 150 million claims with Google Cloud

Managing 60% of all claims worldwide, Solera used Google Cloud to automate the claims workflow for drivers, insurers, and technicians.

Udacity Logo
How Udacity manages cloud costs while delivering effective upskilling

Udacity uses Google Cloud solutions to power its business, and DoiT International provides real-time spend management tools and support to keep costs down.

Huq Logo
How Huq built a powerful data platform to deliver near real-time location data at scale

DoiT International supported Huq’s data pipeline migration to Google Cloud, providing the right tools to optimize its stack so it can respond to customer demands in real time, while controlling costs.

Pace Revenue Transparent 320x320 1
How Pace Revenue halved compute costs and bolstered its algorithm with Google Cloud

With a few tweaks to its infrastructure, Pace cut its compute spend in half, powering through COVID-19 by swiftly reducing IT costs with DoiT International.

How Earny saves online shoppers thousands with technology-driven shopping

DoiT International helped Earny migrate its database and microservices infrastructure to Google Cloud for cost savings, greater system stability, and more flexibility to innovate new features.

How Sift enables instant responses to customers with Google Cloud

Sift uses Google Cloud solutions and DoiT International engineering support to deliver a powerful digital trust platform to secure business transactions.

SecuredTouch Logo
How SecuredTouch supports exponential growth with GKE

Despite seeing traffic increase 100x in 2019, SecuredTouch managed to flawlessly protect tens of millions of daily active users for its customers. See how they used Google Kubernetes Engine and other GCP services to do so.

How Augury reduced machine failure by 75% with Google Cloud

Augury combines AI and IoT, powered by Google Cloud, to make machines more reliable, reduce their environmental impact, and enhance human productivity. In doing so, they saved millions of dollars for manufacturing plants through superior insights into the health and performance of their machines

How Freightos facilitates frictionless global logistics with GCP

After building its freight logistics platform on Google Cloud, Freightos.com moved to microservices for greater flexibility, a faster release cycle, and improved workflow across its development teams. Here's what they did.

Discount Bank
How Discount Bank scaled to handle 200% more traffic with Google Cloud

With Google Cloud, Discount Bank was able to meet strict banking security standards while easily handling peak traffic. Here's what they did.

How Recurly reduced customer response time by 15% with Google Cloud

Recurly migrated to Google Cloud Platform for greater scalability and efficiency, unlocking the creativity of the company’s engineers. Here's what they did.

Select Media
How SelectMedia handles 60,000+ requests per second with Google Cloud

With Google Cloud Platform, SelectMedia built a scalable, robust infrastructure that allowed its team to focus on meeting its customers’ needs and growing its business.

How Wondermall moves 10x faster with a “Devops-less” infrastructure

By leveraging Google BigQuery and App Engine, Wondermall was able to move fast with focusing on engineering and innovation from day one. Here's how.

How eToroX built its cryptocurrency exchange entirely on Google Cloud

eToroX worked with DoiT International to design, implement, and operationalize a cryptocurrency exchange in Google Cloud in less than one year. Click through to see how they did it!

How Bringg improved efficiency by 30% with Google Cloud Platform

Bringg tripled its business while cutting infrastructure costs by switching to Google Cloud. Read on to see how they did it with Kubernetes and more.

How Raycatch reduced infrastructure costs by 80% with Google Cloud

Raycatch implemented Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Bigtable to power its daily solar asset data analyses, reducing processing times and improving performance while reducing costs by 80%.

How Alcide leveraged GKE to slash deployment from 3 days to 20 minutes

Alcide used Google Kubernetes Engine to create a cloud-native security solution and cut deployment time, leading to increased productivity. See how here.

Perimeter X
How PerimeterX cut response times by 40% with Google Cloud

PerimeterX wanted to better ensure peak performance for its SaaS service to provide a best in class real-time security solution. Moving from a multi-cloud approach, the company looked to consolidate its service on the fastest cloud provider possible.

Crazy Labs
How Crazy Labs saved $700,000 per year by implementing AWS

Crazy Labs' digital marketing team analyzes streaming data from millions of data sources to optimize their campaigns. See how they did it with AWS here.

Voyager Labs
How Voyager Labs identifies nuggets of insight from 120K events/second

The AWS Cloud provides many of the building blocks required to help Voyager Labs implement a secure, flexible, and cost-effective data collection, storage and analytics platform. These include AWS managed services that help ingest, store, find, process, and analyze both structured and unstructured data.

Sys Aid
How SysAid effortlessly enhanced communication with Google G Suite

Growing 50% year over year, SysAid needed to upgrade its email exchange servers to a solution that could scale along with them. That's where they found Google G Suite. See how it worked out for them.

How Teleall gained operational effiencies by switching to Google G Suite

Together with DoiT International, a plan was formulated for the orderly implementation of the Google G Suite.

Luzzato Group
Luzzatto & Luzzatto takes 150 years of patent experience to Google G Suite

“The Google Apps with the email, video chat and Google Drive provide Luzzato and Luzzato with a user friendly system for its employees, combining high accessibility with low maintenance costs.”

Helping the world tell its stories with Google Cloud Platform

With Google Cloud and DoiT International, Apester were able to half the infrastructure costs while tripling its user base. This is what they did.

How LivePerson manages hundreds of microservices with Kubernetes.

As LivePerson scaled, handling applications became a costly ordeal. By implementing Kubernetes and autoscaling in Google Kubernetes Engine, they saved hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. See how here.

How Aniview reduced data platform costs by 70% with Google BigQuery

What was once impossible, Aniview now explores tens of billions of rows in seconds while keeping costs to a minimum with Google BigQuery. This is their story.

How Outbrain attained cost efficiency with Dataproc and BigQuery

See how Outbrain utilizes Google BigQuery and Cloud Dataproc to make 275 billion highly targeted recommendations to 600+ million unique users every month.

Crazy Labs
How Crazy Labs delivered backend features 10x faster with App Engine

Previously relying on 3rd-party services for its 350+ apps, Crazy Labs built its own platform on Google Cloud to unify its gaming data. Here's whey did.

Jelly Button
How Jelly Button slashed analytics costs by $240,000 with Google Cloud

Using the Google Reference Architecture for Mobile Gaming Analytics, DoIT International and games developer Jelly Button cut costs for analytics on millions of daily users by more than two-thirds.

How Taranis helps farmers feed the planet with TensorFlow

Taranis uses Google Cloud Platform to help farmers reduce crop loss & feed the world's increasing population. See how they do this with TensorFlow and more.

Magic Software
How Magic Software became remote-ready by switching to Google G Suite

After maintaining its own system for 15 years, Magic Software decided to manage their entire team in the cloud with G Suite. The result? Improved collaboration and decreased maintenance. See what they did.

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