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Unique insights with Google BigQuery

Established in 2013, Aniview’s patented technology provides a full ecosystem for serving video ads to premium publishers, networks, and advertisers around the world.

Data Analytics

Digital Media

United States

Aniview used Google BigQuery to help the company gain a major competitive edge by querying petabytes of data at high speeds while still reducing costs.

What we did

Aniview’s unique video ecosystem provides customers with a powerful combination of video player, ad management, and a marketplace for connecting publishers and advertisers. Delivering an all-encompassing solution as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool requires Aniview to handle huge amounts of data at speed, without affecting its products’ performance. By late 2016, Aniview was handling petabytes of data and database queries on its existing cloud infrastructure, which was starting to slow down due to the sheer scale of operations. In a competitive market with tight margins, Aniview needed a way to scale up the company’s data handling solution while keeping costs to a minimum.

After testing different solutions, Aniview chose GCP because of its cost, performance, and ease of use. Google BigQuery in particular performed well in benchmark tests against other data products. “We found it had the most robust solution for our needs,” says Roy. With such a crucial part of its business at stake, the company worked carefully with Google to help ensure that there was no disruption to existing operations during the transition. Placing Google BigQuery at the heart of the new solution, Anivew created a highly scalable, serverless data analytics approach that, when combined with the networking power of GCP, could run massive queries with ease. Google App Engine provided a scalable core for the new architecture while Google Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Dataproc simplified Aniview’s enormous data processing tasks.

“Google BigQuery allows us to ingest any amount of data seamlessly,” says Roy. “It has given us a way to explore data we’d never been able to digest before and offer new services to our clients.”

The result

– Reduces Aniview’s operational costs dramatically with a serverless environment and competitive pricing.

– Queries petabytes of data in seconds thanks to the high performance and scalability of Google BigQuery.

– Keeps focus on key business objectives instead of database administration

Roy Cohen, CTO

"We have to process, aggregate, and explore petabytes of data to provide insight for our customers. With limited resources in a competitive industry, this is very challenging. We had to think outside the box, so we looked at Google Cloud and DoiT International.”