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How Magic Software became remote-ready by switching to Google G Suite

Magic Software
Magic Software
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Magic Software Enterprises is a global provider of mobile and cloud-enabled application and business integration platforms. With 30 years of experience, thousands of customers, and millions of installations worldwide, Magic’s technology gives its partners and customers the power to leverage existing IT resources, enhance business agility, and focus on core business priorities. Magic had been using IBM Lotus Notes for over 15 years, but found that maintaining this system was becoming increasingly costly and time-consuming.

The company sought a lower-maintenance alternative that would replace its multi-location infrastructure with a cloud-based solution. This would improve the level of service on the server side, ensuring greater availability and easier access from any location.

The brief

Magic decided to migrate to Google G Suite, as it was also impressed by the ease of use, user-friendly client user interface, and automatic software updates offered by this solution. Alexandra Etush, IT Manager at Magic, said: “Google G Suite is perfectly suited to our company’s strategic goals of technological flexibility and business agility, which inspire our product portfolio and our roadmap for a future of enterprise mobility and cloud computing. We have been able to use Google G Suite for our company in a way that matches our dynamic vision for the future of enterprise IT.”

What we did

DoiT International , a Google G Suite Premier partner, helped Magic get started with a two-month limited pilot, and then helped in rolling out Google G Suite incrementally to the entire organization. DoiT International also provided ongoing support throughout the migration process and initial training sessions.

The result

Being a public company, traded on NASDAQ, Magic is required to comply with various industry standards for transparency and traceability. Using Google G Suite enables the company to keep records of every email sent or received for 10 years, with no additional hardware or software requirements, and no resource-intensive archiving processes.

Alexandra Etush, IT Manager
“We believe that moving to Google G Suite, with its new and enhanced functionality, will increase productivity and save money, while providing our employees with improved access to tools from any remote location. Our employees can now collaborate using better applications, and our IT department spends less time maintaining servers and updating software. Google G Suite will, therefore, become an essential part of our daily business operations.”

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