Echo for AWS Cyber Security 

Echo for AWS, provides real-time and analytical views to identify, visualize and respond to Cyber Security events with seamless integration to existing SIEM solutions. Using battle hardened algorithms, Echo ingests live security data feeds to form a complete 360° view of the organization's security domains and provide all levels of the organization with a concise, accurate and in-context view of current and past security events. This enables CISOs, security analysts and SOC operators to act quickly and effectively against identified and potential threats.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time visualization of Cyber threats to your organization infrastructure

  • Unlimited logging of all security events for later investigation or regulatory purposes

  • Highly available and scalable, built for high sustained EPS (Events per Second) rates

  • Security event enrichment with the organization’s internal data and workflow

Key Features

  • Complete logging solution for SIEM

  • Consolidated view for real-time and analytics

  • Intuitive forensics with free-text search

  • LDAP integration

  • Enterprise integrations

Business Challenges

Security analytics is one of the fastest growing, and most important areas of information security today and is a must have in the fight against insider and external cyber security threats.

Current Security Information Event Management (SIEM) systems focus on data collection, correlation and compliance reports.
Data collected is retained for the purpose of future correlation and most of it is destined to be deleted in order to keep the SIEM engine efficient.

While understanding the need of security analytics and the wealth of SIEM generated data, businesses struggle with the management of data volume, required computing resources, dedicated staff and overall high Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO).

Solution Overview

Echo for AWS provides real-time and analytical views for SIEM generated data, giving business the ability to identify, visualize, analyze and respond to current and past security events.

  • Used by all business levels, intuitive user-interface allows CISOs, analysts and SOC operators to gain clear insight and customize dashboards and reports

  • Design dashboards and reports to monitor your business’ key areas against both current and past security events

  • Use Free-Text search to start a forensics investigation based on any crumb of data. Results are streamed back within seconds.

  • Comply with regulations and security frameworks requiring log collection and retention policies, or regular review of security incidents.

  • Quick and easy integration with existing SIEM products

  • Enterprise integration allows event enrichment within Echo and its API allows existing business systems to consume digested data

Real-time Threat Visualization

Visualize external and internal threats in real-time to gain insight into the current business threat level and measures taken. Detect threats before they surface in traditional tools by identifying repeating visual patterns.



User Behavior and Fraud Prevention

Correlate events across different data sources. Gain insight into abnormal user activities and unauthorized use of accounts outside the normal operating sites or accounts that may have been compromised.





Post-mortem Analysis

Gain better understanding and insight into your past events with flexible, yet powerful dashboards and reports. Logs can be retained indefinitely and offer sub-second performance to support structured or free-text queries.



SecOps & Forensics

Determine “who did what and when” to gather evidence and simplify investigations. Use visual forensics views to detect security breaches, reduce incident investigation times, and comply with regulations.

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