More engaged website visitors with
Google Site Search

More people are finding information they need, which means they stay longer to read, search further, and enjoy the great content we provide
— Yair Shlomi, CTO

The biggest problem for Globes readers was that they could not find any article if it does weren't presented to them in the home page. The website contains million of articles and it was very difficult to find an article via the search engine due to bad search engine algorithm and Inability to handle misspellings and Morphology (singular / plural, masculine / feminine).

“Globes” has thousands of visitors and it is critical to find a suitable search solution that can handle huge archive of articles with sub-second response time.

One of the risks in replacing search engine in news website is the availability of a new article in search engine. The management wants the new article to be available in the search engine by 1 minute.

“We purchased GSS license 8 months ago and since then we experience significant improvement in the search experience at our website. It is expressed through the incredible response times, articles are available in the search results very fast and the morphology of Google helps us a lot.

The reports in Google analytics show significant improvement in the search experience. Percentage of queries that do not return results decreased significantly and every search lead the customer to an article. It helps Globes website to compete on each and every reader.”



The "Globes" web portal was established in 1997 and includes news, content from business world and financial portal with possibility to manage a virtual personal portfolio. In addition, the website provide financial tools to invest in the local and global economy world, and much more. Globes also owns “Globes TV” -  Economic and interactive related video channel that contains video and streaming content about hi-tech, economics, business, and more...