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Google Cloud for Small and Medium Business

As a Google Premier and MSP Partner, DoiT International has the expertise and a repeatable 21-day methodology for performing cloud projects for small and medium businesses.



Gadi Naor, CTO & Co-Founder

For a startup like ours, we want to move fast, close the gaps with our customers, and provide as much feature functionality as we can. Google Cloud Platform lets us concentrate on writing our own business logic and implementing the application, without having to worry about the infrastructure.

Roy Cohen, CTO

"We have to process, aggregate, and explore petabytes of data to provide insight for our customers. With limited resources in a competitive industry, this is very challenging. We had to think outside the box, so we looked at Google Cloud and DoiT International.”

Or Elimelech, Site Reliability Engineer

“Infrastructure is not our core business. We want to focus on Apester’s needs and improving our application. When the deployment time gets cut from hours to seconds, it means we can focus on our own success.”

Lior Sion, CTO

We worked very closely together. It was really like a three-way partnership between us, DoiT International, and the team at Google

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Google Cloud Services

Cloud Start

With Cloud Start, customers will gain a better understanding of what a Cloud solution will involve, and have the confidence to decide on moving forward with a formal Cloud project, typically a Cloud Plan.

Managed Technical Support

DoiT International will provide around the clock support on Google Cloud and AWS services, including the design and architecture of new or existing cloud-native applications.

Kubernetes Training for Operators

We offer hands-on workshops that cover fundamental concepts and features of Kubernetes. At the end of the training you will be able to operate Kubernetes and deploy applications.

Multi-Cloud Cost Optimization

The multi-cloud cost optimization process comes to optimize and reduce customers' cloud spending across AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.
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