Why Google Maps Engine?


Scalable and secure mapping platform

Google Maps Engine is a scalable, powerful and secure platform for building and publishing your maps using the power of the Google cloud. Realize the full potential of your geospatial data by securely sharing your maps with anyone over a variety of devices.

Cost effective and scalable

Google Maps Engine is provided as a service, so there are no capital costs for hardware & software. Capacity can be scaled to meet unexpected demand without requiring a large initial investment in your own data center. Google takes care of server maintenance, backups and disaster recovery, which reduces your ongoing running costs.

Easy to use and share

Maximize the investments in your valuable geospatial data by securely sharing it with the right people across a variety of devices. Sharing data is as easy as clicking the upload and publish button. You can share maps with a project team, another organization or the public. Published maps are easy to access using Google Earth, Google Maps, website embeds, and commonly used OGC services.

Mobile ready

Mobile workers can access maps and collaborate with colleagues from anywhere with an Internet connection, using a laptop or mobile device. The Google Earth Android app is able to connect securely to Google Maps Engine and display your maps.


With our model of continuous innovation, Google Maps Engine customers are always using the latest version with no need to install updates or upgrade servers.