Securonix Solution


Securonix provides the next generation Threat Detection and Risk Intelligence Platform. The solution uses innovative signature-less techniques for detecting unseen attacks and risk ranks threats for maximum impact of remediation efforts.



Activity Risk Intelligence

  • Detect threats posed by suspicious activities on your critical applications and systems
  • Act on a risk ranked list of activities for maximum impact

Access Risk Intelligence

  • Reduce your access related risk by removing rogue access privileges
  • Move to intelligent risk based access reviews and access requests

Fraud Risk Intelligence

  • Detect fraudulent transactions using our patented self-adapting behavior profiling technique 
  • Reduce false positives using peer group analysis

Quick Facts

  • Perform continuous threat monitoring of Activities, Transactions and Access
  • Detect unseen threats that never trigger known signatures
  • Act on threats with the highest risk score for maximum impact
  • Detect threats posed by insiders and external hackers misusing legible accounts
  • Eliminates rubber stamping and reduces access certification workload by 90%
  • Reduction of over 60% in the number of false alerts generated by the DLP products
  • Clean rogue access privileges and implement continuous outlier detection
  • Detect misuse of high privileged, service and elevated privilege accounts