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Cloud Security Health Check

Cloud computing offers several key advantages to organizations—including reduced costs, automation, hardware independence, high availability, and increased flexibility—and each component comes with associated security and privacy costs.

The security of your cloud estate is determined by your ability to guarantee who may perform which action on which resource (identity and access management) and your understanding of the data that needs protecting, ensuring it is appropriately cataloged, encrypted, and guarded against exfiltration. Security is so essential and, because it cuts across all dimensions and themes, it lives at the very center of the cloud adoption model.

The deployment of cloud technologies can drastically alter an organization’s risk landscape, impacting confidentiality, privacy, integrity, regulatory compliance, availability, and e-discovery, as well as incident response and forensics. Therefore, it is important to ensure that proper security controls are in place.

How we do it

Cloud Security Review
Conduct a one-day review to present key discoveries on how Google Cloud foundations are implemented:

Identity Management

Principles of least privilege and custom roles

Network topology

Key assets

Data storage and operation

Input and output endpoints in the system

Trust boundaries

Access controls

System and network isolation


– Security Health Check Report

– Identification of High-Risk Issues

– Remediation Suggestions.