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Cloud Plan - Location-based Services (LBS)

The Cloud Plan: Location-based Services (LBS) offering helps customers plan, architect, develop and deploy location-based data workflows, analyses, and presentation processes using cloud-based services and platforms.

The Cloud Plan: Location-based Services (LBS) proposition includes a variety of instruments and activities to help customers define and document their location and geospatial requirements, in order to develop a technical approach and system design for the implementation of an efficient and cost-effective LBS solution. DoiT International shall provide expert guidance and technical advice throughout this planning, design, and implementation phase.

How we do it

Technical Analytics Kickoff (TAK) Workshop

Conduct a one-day workshop to develop and present, together with the customer, key decision points on how public cloud foundations for LBS-related data processes shall be designed and deployed for the development, staging and production environments.

Project Planning
Develop a plan for the design and deployment of spatial data ingestion, processing, analysis and presentation procedures for LBS-related activity, according to the customer’s goals, requirements, budget, and timelines. As part of the planning, a training plan will be delivered to contribute to the preparedness of the team.

Application, Data, and User Group Inventory
Assist in the creation of a detailed portfolio of the customer’s LBS-related applications, workflows, database dependencies, user groups, and datasets to be processed, as well as their integration within the overall information system approach of the customer. Also considered is the utilisation of several geospatial facilities and services, such as those provided by popular SaaS-based geospatial and digital mapping platforms.

Technical Design Documentation (TDD)
Document key design decisions from the TAK Workshop, including architecture diagrams, process diagrams, initial cost analysis, as well as application development strategy and timeline.


  • Design and architecture white board recommendations
  • Technical Design Document
  • Project Implementation Plan, including recommended next steps
  • Training Plan