Improve your skills and knowledge on how to architect, design, build, and scale your applications and systems.

We offer wide range of developer and architects training for Google Cloud Platform:

  • Google Cloud Platform Developer Qualification Workshop (CP300A)
  • Google Container Engine and Kubernetes (CP306A) - 1 day class training
  • Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals (CP100A) - 1 day class training
  • Fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform for Architects (CP200) - 4 day class training

For Amazon Web Services, we help customers with:

  • Amazon Web Services for Developers training (3 days)
  • Amazon Web Services for Ops training (3 days)
  • Amazon Web Services for Architects (3 days)

For Microsoft Azure, enhance your dev and ops teams with:

  • Introduction to Azure for Developers
  • Developing Windows Azure and Web Services
  • Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions